Underwater and overlooked: Crisis on the Missouri River

     The following was forwarded by Tom Waters, chairman of the Missouri Levee & Drainage District Association, to association members and the Richmond News. Waters recently submitted a letter to Maj. Gen. John McMahon of the Army Corps of Engineers that was critical of a proposal to consider flood-impact priorities other than rebuilding damaged levees.

It was a dry spring in the Midwest, not a cloud in the sky, but still the Missouri River rose. It overtopped levees, destroying crops, destroying towns, devastating lives. This was a disaster. But was it a natural one? Could it have been anticipated? Could it have been prevented? Did the flood of 2011 have to happen?
The short film “Underwater and Overlooked: Crisis on the Missouri River” tells the personal stories behind the unprecedented flood waters and its rampage through towns and lives across the Midwest.
Many farmers downstream of the dams have experienced flooding for three of the past four years. Clearly something needs to change. Clearly flood control has to be the number one priority.
Tell your representatives in Congress to send a message to the Army Corps of Engineers. Make flood control the top priority. Redirect funding and start rebuilding lives.

– Missouri Corn Growers Association

(The film can be viewed at through a link at on the Richmond News Facebook page.)

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