Trash talkin’ a little too close to home

Kansas City has installed security cameras at 30 locations where people illegally dump trash along the road and in vacant lots. Both the city and the county where I live should have surveillance cameras because people come from all over the area to do that on roads near me.
Although police have told me what I am doing is also illegal, if I can open up a trash bag and find the name and address it belongs to, I load it up and dump it in their front yard.
One time a person living in a duplex near my farm dumped a whole truck load of trash over a bridge that wound up on the bank and two large bags in the creek itself. This was on my farm and I hadn’t noticed it because of the weeds along the road, but I worked a couple of hours loading it back up into my truck, backed up to the duplex and was dumping it in the guy’s yard, when he came out and wanted to know what I was doing.
I told him I was returning the trash to its rightful owner. He replied, “It must belong to the guy that lived here before me. I’ve only lived here three weeks, and I use AAA Trash Service.” Oops.
Where I really needed a security camera was on my own farm where I rent the farmhouse. I had one renter who worked in Concordia who dumped two big tires and about 30 old car tires in a bunch of brush just before he moved out. Old tires always have water in them, which is a breeding ground for mosquitos, which love me. The other day, one bit me and it was so big it had a tick on it.
No doubt some farmer or contractor paid my renter who worked in Concordia to dump the tires, and naturally they ended up on my place. I’ll give a $50 reward to the first person that can tell me what the tires came off of and give me the best suggestion on how to dispose of them. The size of the tires and a picture is on my website – Please include your mailing address in your e-mail or letter to me.
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