Sports theme next for churches’ Logos program

Jo’s Jottings/By Jo Ellen Dale

The second annual O’Dell-Brizendine family reunion was held Sunday, Sept. 25, at the home of Bernita Carter. Good food and fellowship was enjoyed by all. Those in attendance were Peggy Sullard, Annabelle Nolker, Dorothy O’Dell, Ruth Hendrix, Gary and Carolene Nolker, Chastidy Hunter and Dayne Loftin, Marion and Wanda Sullard, Maylee Black, Bernita Carter, Rhonda and Steve Felkins, Farrell and Maxine Wrisinger, John and Anita Geyich, Wayne Sullard, Rachel Thomas, Chelsea and Dalton Dunwoodie, Kyle Ash, Sarah Davis and Tommy O’Dell.  Quite a gathering.

Myra Hamann has returned from a visit to her daughter, Jan Jorgensen, and other relatives in Springfield. I was very happy to see her as I had not had a good game of Scrabble since she left. She enjoyed her visit but says that she is glad to be home.

Last Thursday it was my turn to entertain our Old Couples’ Club. We meet once a month for lunch and dessert at the home of the host and hostess.

This month we met at the Tequila-Jalisco, which all of us like, and on to my house for dessert. Those present were Fred and Paula Burress, Jack and Jessamine Layman, Billie Hamann and I.

Unfortunately, Paula had suffered a broken ankle in a recent fall and was wearing a boot which impeded her progress some but which had certainly not dampened her keen sense of humor.  It is always pleasant to see old friends.

Tuesday evening, Sept. 27, I attended the Democratic Club meeting at Eagleton Center. Speaker at the event was Congressman Emanuel Cleaver who will soon represent our area. He spoke of the ongoing battle over the redistricting and of other things happening in our country and especially in Washington. As always, his remarks were tempered with his special brand of humor. Afterward, he entertained questions and visited with those present. More about the meeting was in the Sept. 29 weekend edition of the Richmond News.

The kick-off meeting for the Logos program last Sunday at the United Christian Presbyterian Church, which is a joint program with the St. John’s CME Church was a huge success. We were treated to the program, which I mentioned in an earlier column of performing birds of many feathers.  Although I had seen it before, it was still astonishing. Logos will be held each Sunday afternoon in October and it is not too late to join in. Next Sunday will be a sports theme and we were urged to wear ball caps, shirts or anything relating to sports of all kinds. The final three meetings will be held at the St. John’s Church.

Tickets are now available for the Farris Concert Series to be held at the Farris Theatre. There will be many local talents showcased and I urge everyone to attend.Tickets are on sale every weekday morning at the theatre. The price is a real bargain and I recommend that you to take advantage of it.

I had a scare this week when my computer malfunctioned and I thought I had lost everything in it. To my relief, when I turned it on today everything including my column was there. Could it have been the  user and not the computer at fault?  Probably.

Enjoy the lovely weather and keep sending.

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