Kiwanis plans for another successful Trick or Treat Street program

At the regular meeting of Kiwanis Oct. 4 at The 19th Hole restaurant, Past President Larry Goodloe awarded Brian Bush the President’s Award Plaque for a very successful fundraiser, the Bill George Golf Classic Tournament.

During the business meeting, conducted by President Vickie McGinnis, plans were discussed for participation in the Homecoming parade, which was held Oct. 7. In other business, plans were discussed for serving 600 children at Trick or Treat Street on Halloween. This highly-successful event has been a boon to the town and to the children.  After all, Kiwanis is dedicated to “Saving the world one child and one community at a time.”

I am ashamed to say that after reminding everyone of the signing classes beginning at the First Baptist Church Oct. 4, I forgot to go myself.  I have written myself notes in two places to be sure and make the next meeting.  Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday Rachel Circle of the United Christian Presbyterian Church met at the home of Lana Buhrmeister and as usual she served what amounted to a full breakfast. Wednesday afternoon Chapter CO of P.E.O. convened at the home of Betty Riley with more delicious refreshments. The program was given by President Martha Balman on her recent trip to the international convention. She brought us notice of some changes and amendments, which were approved, and talked of what a good time she had meeting people from other chapters. The next meeting will be held at the home of Clare Flamank.

Thursday, Oct. 6, my bridge club met at the home of Betty Riley with more good food.  To my great surprise – a good player I am not – I had the second highest score, due I am sure to my excellent partners. The next meeting will be with Sandra Fenner on Oct. 20.

Friday at the Homecoming Parade I had the pleasure of riding with Jerry McCarter and friend, Pete, in the Kiwanis truck.  I say “friend Pete” because I don’t think he knows that he is a dog. Judging from the enthusiastic crowd and the length of time it took to return to the high school where we started, it was highly successful.

Because of my height, or lack of it, I had a little trouble waving as we passed by.  In fact, Jerry referred to us as “the long and the short of it.”  I heard that the game and preceding festivities were attended by a huge crowd.  I can imagine the roar that went up at the decisive win. Way to go Spartans!!!

I would like to remind all members that the October meeting of the Allen-Morton-Watkins Chapter of DAR will meet at the Farris Theatre in order to view the improvements being completed there.  I am looking forward to the first concert on Oct. 29 starring “The Krazy Kats.”  Tickets are on sale now.

The annual Ed Ellis Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, Oct. 7 at Shirkey Golf Course.  Held each year to honor Ed Ellis, former golf coach at Wentworth Military Academy, the tournament brought out 48 golfers.  The day couldn’t have been more perfect and it made me wish that I could still swing a club. The program bulletin included a quote from Dan Marino: “Swing hard in case you hit it.”  That just about describes my game.

Also on Saturday, the unofficial 4th Annual Ladies Luncheon of RHS Class of ‘72 was held at Jeffrey Kyle’s. Several years ago as I was having lunch with my Friday Friends, I saw a former student, Linda Hoppock Hugelman whose husband, Frank has run the WMA Homecoming Golf Tournament at Shirkey Golf Course for a number of years. She decided at that time that it would be fun to get her high school classmates together at the time of the tournament and has done so for the past four years. They have a wonderful time catching up.

Attending this year were their beloved teacher, Rebecca Crouch, and classmates Karen Carter Branson, Donna Clark Tarr, Gina Pitchford Stickley, Cheryl Lauck McIntosh, Joyce King Jellum, Kathi Driskell, Kathy Crozier Best, Mary Allen Bliefnick, Mona Railey Baker and daughter, Lisa, and Rhonda Russell Taber. I was invited but due to a mix-up in my daybook, I regret to say that I did not get to join them.  Several of them were my students. Next year for sure, girls.

Sunday afternoon, the Logos program continued at the United Christian Presbyterian Church with a sports theme.  I managed to dig up a golf skort (not a typo) that I can still get into and with one of my old clubs, caps and tees on a golf hand bag.  I felt very “sporty.”  Others wore outfits that represented many sports and it seemed to me to be an especially successful session.

As we were walking this morning, Billie Hamann told me that she and Jan Jackson attended the performance of Puccini’s opera, “Turandot” at the new performing arts center in Kansas City.  They were very impressed with the new center, citing the perfect acoustics and the captions displayed on the back of every seat with the libretto.

In addition, two Richmondites were involved, Sara Beth LaBarr in the chorus and Steve Seward in the orchestra. As I love opera, it sounded like an unforgettable evening to me.

Keep sending your good news.



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