Combine destroyed in field fire

Richmond firefighters battled a combine fire last Thursday off Airport Road in the Henrietta bottoms. The machine was fully engulfed when fire trucks arrived. (Photo by Max Hockemeier)

By David Knopf/News Editor

A combine and an attachment valued by the fire department at around $275,000 caught fire Oct. 6 in the Henrietta bottoms, engulfing the machine and surrounding crop land.

Max Hockemeier arrived at the fire around noon, before firefighters from Richmond and backup tanker trucks from Lexington and Orrick arrived. The combine was fully engulfed, Hockemeier said, with black smoke billowing into the sky and flames turning the green John Deere paint to ashes.

“The fuel tank is plastic and it was full with more than 200 gallons of diesel,” Hockemeier said in an e-mail. “Add hydraulic oil reservoirs, hoses, tires, and plastic side shields and it is easy to see how it becomes such a hot fire so quickly.”

The combine belonged to the Michaels Brothers, Jim and Joe, although fire officials are uncertain who was operating it when fire broke out. Richmond Fire Chief Lonnie Quick said the cause of the fire is unknown.

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