Man vs. Mother Nature

Mike Strider made light of the situation, even as he and others filled and placed sandbags Wednesday along the Henrietta-Crooked River Levee.
Asked to identify himself, he fi rst gave the name of another levee district member. Pressed, he changed his tune, keeping his tongue pressed to his cheek. “Mark Twain,” he said. Twain, the legendary humorist and river boat pilot from Hannibal on the Mississippi River, knew all about fl ooding. But so does Strider, one of about 10 men who were reinforcing the levee off Route J between Hardin and Henrietta. “If you’re born and raised here, you pretty much know what to expect,” said Strider. Strider and the others know that like clockwork, the Crooked River will leave its banks when the Missouri River rises; when prolonged, heavy rain fills the snaking river with runoff – or both, as in 1993. So far this year, the area’s been fortunate. Record snowmelt and rain in the northern Missouri River basin have prompted the Army Corps of Engineers to raise releases from Gavins Point dam to record levels. Today marks the first day of 160,000 cubic-foot-per-second releases, up 10,000 cfs from the Corps’ previous estimated maximum.

PHOTO: Levee district board member Scott Fifer, front, left, places a sand bag to build up a soft spot in the Henrietta- Crooked River Levee. Also pictured, from left, are John Gill, Dennis Gant, Joe and Jim Michaels, and Justin Michaels, far right, holding plastic in place. (Photo by David Knopf/Richmond News)

Full story is in Thursday, June 23, 2011 edition of the Richmond News.

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