$1M Dear school storm shelter, gymnasium near completion

Inside and outside, Dear Elementary School’s new addition looks like any other grade-school gym.
But the differences are significant.
The walls, for example, are made from two layers of blocks, with a grout-filled buffer between them and two pieces of supporting vertical rebar every 8 inches. The walls – some 20 inches thick – are further supported by rebar that runs horizontally, said general contractor Bill Skaggs of Westport Construction in Clinton, Mo.
To top it off, the roof is made from 6 inches of concrete supported by steel beams and, like the walls, is designed to withstand 250-mph-plus winds. Skaggs has worked on elementary-school gyms before, but doesn’t recall seeing one like this.
“I haven’t personally, no,” said Skaggs, who was working Friday on an underground drainage facility to collect runoff from the building and a soon-to-be-poured 6,000-square-foot parking lot. “There’s usually just one course of block, they’re not grouted full and they’re usually 32-inch centers on the rebar.”
Photo: Alvin Long, left, helps Bill Skaggs prepare a site for an underground retention pond for the new building at Dear Elementary. (Photo by David Knopf/Richmond News)
Full story is in the Monday, Oct. 25, 2010 edition of the Richmond News

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