State Bank celebrates 70 years

On July 1, 1940, Hardin State Bank opened its doors for the first time. Over the years, it transitioned into Ray County Bank and finally State Bank, which this month is celebrating its 70th year.
The State Bank in Richmond opened in the early 1980s and the Hardin location closed in 1993 as a result of flood damage. But 70 years later and with a different name, State Bank continues to be a pillar of community support and progress.
Vickie McGinnis has worked at the bank for seven years and been bank president for six, but has nearly 30 years of banking experience. She said she thinks it’s the safety and soundness of State Bank’s practices that has helped the bank to be so resilient. Marketing Officer Cindy Campbell agreed, but added that other aspects play a role as well.
“I think we have always been committed to this community and making sure it grows,” Campbell said. “Whether its farmers or businesses or individuals, we don’t take risks with our depositor’s money. We make sure that we know who we do business with and we take care of those people.”
However, McGinnis said being so close to your customers can have its drawbacks.
“Sometimes it’s both [easy and challenging],” McGinnis said. “When you’ve known people you always want to help them and sometimes you can’t. So then that makes it tough on the other side of the coin.”
Despite sometimes being put in difficult situations, the staff at State Bank continues to do its best to help customers, but they also excel as active members of the community.
Photo: State Bank President Vickie McGinnis, right, and employee Jenny Stevinson are the next to the flat-screen TV, digital camera and gift cards that will be that be given away Friday afternoon as part of the bank’s 70th celebration. (Photo by JoEllen Black/Richmond News)
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