Shades of gray in city business license law

A city ordinance defining who does and does not require a business license still stands on shaky ground.
City Attorney Chris Williams has recommended that the city abide by a basic standard: if a goods or service provider advertises in any way, that provider must purchase a $30 city business license.
There’s been at least one repeated catch, though: what constitutes “advertising?”
One Richmond citizen maintained at the June 22 City Council meeting that his wife, who teaches small music classes for less than six preschool-aged children at a time, shouldn’t have to purchase a license solely because his wife posted a flier with her contact information.
He went so far as to call the suggestion she should have to pay “tomfoolery.”
That complaint was one of several suggestions the council Ordinance Committee has considered in the past six weeks.
Full story is in the Wednesday, June 30, 2010 edition of The Daily News

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