Orrick makes effort on lime sludge

Orrick’s lime-sludge removal has been moving on schedule. Had it been otherwise, the city might’ve received some additional DNR motivation.
The fact that Orrick had never conducted a lime-sludge dredging on its water treatment lagoon in the city water plant’s 25 years caused the matter to be turned over recently to the Attorney General’s office, according to Orrick Public Works Director Ed Sherwood.
That recently prompted a visit by a Missouri DNR official.
“He said our system looked great, and we’re addressing our violations,” Sherwood said.
Orrick still might not be completely out of the woods, though. The inspector informed Sherwood that Orrick is in DNR violation because the city’s lift stations don’t have a required back-up power source. Sherwood told the city’s Board of Aldermen Thursday evening he would soon go out for bids to purchase a generator.

The Full story is in the Friday, March 5, 2010 edition of The Daily News.

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