RHS cheerleaders make good showing at Maryville cheer camp

They’re seen at each game, the cheerleaders, who do so much to keep everyone in the game every moment. It takes a lot of time, work and fitness.
Every cheer and every stunt is choreographed so that it comes off with power, polish, exuberance and safety. It requires talent, athleticism, training, timing and coaching. Many ideas are shared and learned at cheer camp.
RHS cheerleaders earned their way to summer cheer camp at Northwest University campus in Maryville. After holding numerous fundraisers, 18 girls attended the camp from June 26-29 with 12 other schools where they learned material for the new season.
This year’s team consists of 18 girls, and all of them attended summer camp. They are: freshmen Blair Markley and Jessica Clampitt, sophomores Jillian Noble, Chelsea Fares, Amanda Powell and Lauren Simmons, juniors Catie Hagedorn, Caley Blair, Paige Mrosak, Kelly Martens, Elena Morrison and Mckenzi Robinson, and seniors Collin Dorton, Alysha Darnell, Taylor Vandiver, Hannah McGaugh, Cortney Hogan and Adrienne Balthrop.
A camp competition was held on the last day of camp and Richmond netted 11 awards. They received two ‘excellent’ evaluations, two ‘superior’ evaluations, two ‘technical excellence’ awards in stunting, one ‘safety in spotting’ award and were crowned ‘overall camp chants’ in both Cheer and Chant categories.
Coach Misty Sims received the ‘Herkie’ award for coaching. “It was simply an award for being a positive influence on my team and other young individuals,” said Sims.
Basketball cheer coach Heather Neidholdt received a ‘rookie’ coach’s award. This is Neidholdt’s first year in the position. Both coaches received Coaches Credentials Training.
Individual talent was recognized during the camp, the National Cheerleading Association staff paying particular attention throughout the week for those girls that would compete for a spot on their All American Team.
“Richmond had the most girls selected for the tryout,” said Coach Sims.
Seniors Collin Dorton, Adrienne Balthrop, Alysha Darnell, Taylor Vandiver, Cortney Hogan and Hannah McGaugh, juniors Caley Blair, Catie Hagedorn and Paige Mrosak, sophomores Chelsea Fares, and freshmen Jessica Clampitt and Blair Markley were given the opportunity to try out. Three of them, Balthrop, Hagedorn and Blair, were selected as All American.
“The girls had a very successful camp and would like to thank the community for all their support in the fundraisers that sent them to camp,” said Sims. “The team plans on taking the knowledge they learned and using it in the little girl’s camp they have planned in August.”
On Aug. 7, the varsity team will travel to Lee’s Summit North High School to compete in Regional Competition. They will perform at 1:52 p.m.
“If they place fifth or better in the 3A Large Squad Competition, they will receive a bid for state,” Sims added. “We would like to invite all of the support we can get to attend and support our efforts. We’re looking forward to an exciting new year of cheering our Spartans on to victory.”

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