Old West flavor part of Grand Opening festivities

“Good morning, sir, may I take your order?” asked the employee at Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell during the Grand Opening Saturday, June 27.
“Hand over the chicken and nobody will get hurt,” was the reply, and the new establishment realized they were in the midst of a ‘robbery’ by the infamous Jesse James Gang.
In broad daylight, a small group of riders meandered down the street toward the KFC. Balloons were flying happily for the grand opening, and a respectable crowd was on hand for the festivities.
Thinking the riders must be part of the show, the crowd allowed them to move right up to the door.
One rider dismounted and went inside as another held the reins to his horse. Additional riders stood a short distance apart, seeming to enjoy the crowd.
It was heard by all over the intercom as the prospective customer was asked what he
wanted to order. When he demanded the chicken, the clerk screamed.
But then, in a curious twist, gang members began requesting the sides that KFC is known for. One wanted biscuits. One called across the parking lot for corn – and the order taker had the presence of mind to ask whether he wanted creamed corn or corn on the cob – and so it went.
Quickly, the robber rushed out of the building, past customers, and mounted his horse. In the smokey haze from the gunfire that followed, the James Gang headed back up the hill to get away.
Not so fast! Richmond Police Chief Terri McWilliams was hot on their trail. A few shots was all it took for her to capture the infamous outlaws and bring them back to the restaurant where they were told to return the chicken.
Grand Opening guests were happy to learn that the whole thing was just a reenactment. The James Gang was portrayed by members of the Ray County Saddle Club.
Other activities included toe-tapping music from an actual mariachi band, “Los Musicos,” who played many tunes.
A clown, Miss Blue, made balloon animals and hats for children.
Rudy Rhodes, Honorary Past Imperial Potentate of Koran Shriner’s, came from Kansas City, Kan., to be a part of the Jain’s event.
Last, but surely not least, even the Colonel himself was there to open another restaurant. Colonel Sanders, a.k.a. Rick Childers, was happy to wear the white suit. Though he loves chicken, he opted to don a sombrero and partake of the tacos this time!
“Hand over the chicken and nobody will get hurt,” said Dan Enlow of the “Jesse James Gang.” They made away with the chicken, but Richmond Police Chief Terri McWilliams apprehended the robbers before they could even enjoy their lunch. (Photo by Brenda Jensen/The Daily News)

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