Investigators search former Ronald Wrisinger home

On Thursday, various law enforcement personnel walked through the house and around the property formerly owned by Ronald Wrisinger at the time his wife and daughter disappeared 23 years ago.
Missouri State Highway Patrol, Ray County Sheriff’s Department, Richmond Police, the MHP Crime Scene Team and an MRST K-9 dog and handler spent several hours on site.
Wrisinger is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the death of his former wife, Sherry, and daughter Johnna. His attorneys filed for a change of venue earlier this month. The decision is expected to come when he appears in court on July 1.
Ray County Prosecutor Jim Thompson was also present at the home on 402 Ottman St..
“I don’t know if the change of venue will be granted,” said Thompson, as he answered questions from a Channel 5 news team.
“As of today, Ronald Wrisinger is still in jail in Lafayette County and has not posted bail. I suppose he’ll post bond soon.”
Wrisinger is being held on a $500,000 bond. Under certain conditions, a $100,000 cash signature bond may be granted, which will be determined next week.
Thompson said investigators took samples and will have them tested.
“We’re just doing follow-up on the investigation,” said Maj. Garry Bush of the Ray County Sheriff’s Department.
Thompson told The Daily News, “We crossed our ‘t’s and dotted our ‘i’s and crossed things off on the list we needed to. We’re just rechecking what was done before.”
“We will not quit looking,” he said. “We knew we had to have a convincible case and take it to the Grand Jury. We returned a two-count indictment in May. I guess it’ll go to trial in the spring.”
A redbone coonhound from the Midwest Special Response Team (MRST K-9) and its handler put their expertise at work. MRST K-9 is a non-profit volunteer search and rescue group with members in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.
Thompson said, “Volunteers are used when it’s a county without resources. We’ve had help from a lot of agencies.”
Photo: A Midwest Special Response Team K-9 dog unit was at the former home of Ronald Wrisinger on 402 Ottman St. yesterday for approximately two hours, along with other investigators looking into the case of the disappearance of his wife and daughter 23 years ago. (Photo by Brenda Jensen/The Daily News)

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