Neighbors ease impact of storm for Richmond resident

Bridget Sanders lives approximately three miles west of Richmond, just off of Highway 210. She watched the storm approach that would head on to Norborne after leaving its calling card at her house.
"I was standing on the porch and saw the storm coming in. I ran into the house and told my daughter to turn the news on. I knew something was coming. I could see it; the temperature dropped," said Bridget.
She described the experience.
"I was standing on the back porch where the tree fell," she continued. "I went into the kitchen (that is where the tree landed), got something, and was headed out of the kitchen to a safer place with my daughter and mother when it hit.
"I could hear something happening, but I couldn't figure it out. I walked out into the kitchen, and saw the tree pressed up to the kitchen window."
The tree turned out to be a large limb from one of the very large trees in her own yard.
"The tree is huge," said Bridget. "I am so glad it was not the whole tree. It made a 3 ft by 2 ft. hole in my roof, but I'll be able to get it fixed. I had wonderful neighbors come over last night and get the hole covered and the tree branch away from the house. I know what I have pales to Norborne. I am very lucky; it could have been much worse!"
The experience was all the more frightening because her husband was out of town.
"I called him on the phone just after it happened. I was very shook up," Bridget said. "He called a friend that lives nearby and he came right over. Then, other friends showed up (knowing my husband was gone), but none of them had any damage at all; just wind."
Later, Bridget got on her computer to find out more information about what had happened.
"I Googled my house compared to Norborne and it is in a direct pattern to Norborne," said Bridget. "My house is southwest of Norborne.
Bridget said the roof is able to be repaired and she hopes the big, old tree doesn't die. She also knows the danger she was in, and wants her neighbors to know how much she appreciated their help.
Photo: Bridget Sanders sent this photo to The Daily News Wednesday morning, showing a branch that fell off of one of the big trees in her yard onto her house three miles west of Richmond. (Photo courtesy of Bridget Sanders)

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