Case against Orrick officer continued

The Orrick Police Department will be without a chief of police for at least another 10 days.
Circuit Court Judge David Busch continued the case against suspended Police Chief Troy Sims until Friday, June 26, at 1:30 p.m.
Orrick Mayor Marilyn Butler filed a restraining order against Sims on June 3. Sims was served an ex parte order during a closed session of the Orrick City Council on June 4.
Butler’s attorney, Mark Goodwin, requested a continuance due to a conflict of interest he had with the court’s schedule.
Sims’ attorney, David Lunceford, argued against the continuance because the courtroom was full of witnesses. Lunceford said he had at least nine witnesses show up for the case.
Lunceford also argued that this is a unique case because Sims’ job is on the line. Lunceford argued that this was a typical case where a relationship is involved.
“My problem is my client is the chief of police,” Lunceford said. “This kind of interferes with his livelihood.”
Among the witnesses were former Orrick Mayor Shirley Taylor and City Clerk Jeanette Hensley. Hensley recently resigned from her post and told The Daily News her last day is tomorrow. Orrick Police Officer George O’Dell was also present for court, but it was not clear whether he was a witness or not. According to court records, four subpoenas were issued.
Busch apologized to the audience for the inconvenience. Busch told Lunceford if he had entered an appearance before this morning he could have been contacted. Busch granted an extension to the order until June 26.

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