Dolphins make a big splash in opener

The Richmond Dolphins swim team began their new North Suburban Conference season on Saturday, by dominating a dual meet with Cameron.
The Dolphins captured a lot of first-place finishes on the way to an impressive 372-195 victory.
Here are those who placed in the top five in each event for Richmond.
6 and younger girls – 25-m. freestyle: Emmalia Kilpatrick, second (35.72); Olivia Maulsby, third (36.11); Kenzie Huges, fourth (44.58). 25-m. backstroke: Kilpatrick, first (39.25); Maulsby, third (50.12); Huges, fourth (53.43). Boys – 25-m. freestyle: Wyatt Marshall, second (37.84). 25-m. backstroke: Marshall, second (54.97).
7-8 Boys – 25-m. freestyle: Kain Pierson, first (23.93); Calvin Swafford, third (27.14); Geofrey Cunningham, fourth (41.19); Quinn Wilson, fifth (48.61). 25-m. backstroke: Cunningham, first (40.42); Pierson, third (48.13). Girls – 25-m. backstroke: Hali Smith, second (31.94); Lexi Pierson, third (34.54); Gracie Marshall, fourth (35.92); Mackenna Franklin, fifth (41.82).
8 and younger girls – 25-m. breaststroke: Hali Smith, first (32.36); Maulsby, third (43.16); Marshall, fourth (43.89); Franklin, fifth (46.28). 100-m. medley relay: Franklin, Maulsby, Valarie Nobile and Marshall, second (2:57.66). 100-m. IM: Ashley Wilson, first (2:23.7); Rylee Adams, second (3:37.7). 25-m. Butterfly: Wilton, first (24.41); Pierson, second (35.48); Nobile, fourth (39.31). 25-m. Freestyle: Ashley, first (23.11); Pierson, second (24.0); Nobile, fourth (26.99); Smith, fifth (27.30). 100-m. freestyle relay: Wilton, Pierson, Nobile and Smith, first (1:46.4). Boys – 25-m. breaststroke: Swafford, first (33.34); Pierson, second (37.28); Wyatt Marshall, third (56.32). 25-m. butterfly: Swafford, first (36.79). 100-m. freestyle relay: Pierson, Marshall, Cunningham and Swafford, first (2:29.15).
9-10 boys – 25-m. freestyle: Haiden Kilpatrick, first (16.93); Addison Marshall, second (17.55); Andrew Bidding, fourth (19.22); Dom Nobile, fifth (19.56). 25-m. breaststroke: Macey Clayton, first (27.87); Nathan Richey, fourth (30.38). 100-m. IM: Haiden Kilpatrick, second (2:01.5); Addison Marshall, third (2:05.54); Nobile, fourth (2:42.97); Richey, fifth (2:54.39). 25-m. backstroke: Kilpatrick, first (22.74); Nobile, fifth (31.75). 25-m. butterfly: Addison Marshall, first (23.34); Aidan Dorton, fourth (37.77). Girls – 25-m. breaststroke: Amber Jackson, third (30.0); Kyra Lathrop, fifth (30.8). 100-m. IM: Jackson, fourth (2:25.7). 25-m. backstroke: Emily Hughes, first (27.71); Alexis Rendon, fifth (30.09). 25-m. butterfly: Hughes, fourth (32.31).
10 and younger girls – 100-m. medley relay: Anna Luper, Lathrop, Hughes and Jackson, second (2:02.89). 100-m. freestyle relay: Lyssa Green, Courtanie Allwood, Hughes and Jackson, second (1:49.28). Boys – 100-m. medley relay: Nobile, Kilpatrick, Addison Marshall and Macey, second (1:44.54). 100-m. freestyle relay: Macey, Addison Marshall, Mathew Burton and Kilpatrick, second (1:24.34); Richey, Bo Huffman, Dorton and Nobile, third (1:42.95)
11-12 girls – 50-m. freestyle: Paige Pierson, second (38.79); Krystal Wicker, third (41.20); Tatum Bowman, fifth (45.45). 50-m. breaststroke: Thales Lathrop, first (56.67); Wicker, second (1:01.33); Anna Bidding, third (1:01.42); Jodie Brown, fourth (1:04.6); Bowman, fifth (1:06.01). 50-m. backstroke: Bidding, second (55.01); Wicker, third (57.06); Bowman, third (58.64); Caitlyn Payton, fifth (1:02.9). 50-m. butterfly: Pierson, first (48.1). Boys – 50-m. freestyle: Jackson Pence, first (30.01); Tommy Wedgeworth, third (35.67); Riley Maulsby, fifth (39.98). 50-m. breaststroke: Pence, first (46.42); Alex Hambrick, second (51.15); Chad Truby, third (53.98); Wedgeworth, fourth (56.06). 100-m. IM: Hambrick, first (1:40.86); Wedgeworth, second (1:51.0); Max Blair, third (1:57.42); Kanon Franklin, fifth (2:03.99). 50-m. backstroke: Hambrick, first (54.34); Jonathan Daniel, second (56.91); Truby, fourth (1:02.22). 50-m. butterfly: Pence, first (45.67); Daniel, second (58.58); Truby, third (59.53).
12 and younger girls – 200-m. medley relay: Kira Jackson, Bowman, Pierson and Taylor Rittmiller, first (3:37.24); Payton, Bidding, Lathrop and Brown, second (3:59.71). 200-m. freestyle relay: Bidding, Rittmiller, Bowman and Pierson, first (3:03.78); Jackson, Lathrop, Payton and Madison Hewitt, second (3:33.65). Boys – 200-m. medley relay: Daniel, Hambrick, Wedgeworth and Maulsby, first (3:27.61); Truby, Alex Estabrooks, Max Blair and Franklin, second (3:46.67). 200-m. freestyle relay: Truby, Daniel, Hambrick and Wedgeworth, first (2:55.05); Garrett Veach, Maulsby, Franklin and Blair, second (2:55.68).
13-14 boys – 50-m. freestyle: Matthew Tweedie, first (30.61); Gage Smith, third (40.4); Justin Powell, fourth (45.81). 100-m. IM: Hambrick, first (1:40.86); Wedgeworth, second (1:51.0); Franklin, fifth (2:03.99). 50-m. backstroke: Smith, second (54.48). 50-m. butterfly: Tweedie, first (35.0); Powell, second (58.33). Girls – 50-m. freestyle: Zoe Harper, first (36.53); Jillian Noble, third (37.59); Emily Bush, fourth (38.33); Catherine Pence, fifth (38.86). 50-m. breaststroke: Neann Wedgeworth, first (30.44); Blair Markley, third (49.62); Noble, fourth (50.34); Harper, fifth (56.22). 100-m. IM: Bush, second (1:42.33). 50-m. backstroke: Harper, first (44.93); Bush, fifth (50.21). 50-m. butterfly: Powell, second (58.33).
14 and younger boys – 200-m. medley relay: Powell, Smith, Tweedie and Pence, first (2:57.51). 200-m. freestyle relay: Smith, Powell, Pence and Tweedie, first (2:36.64). Girls – 200-m. medley relay: Harper, Markley, Noble and Bush, first (3:10.42); Cheyenne Clark, Pence, Wedgeworth and Powell, third (3:34.75). 200-m. freestyle relay: Bush, Harper, Markley and Noble, first (2:42.6); Clark, Jackson, Powell and Wedgeworth, third (3:10.98).
15-18 girls – 50-m. freestyle: Natalie Bush, third (39.42); Amanda Powell, fourth (40.05); Cassie Kinnard, fifth (40.11). 50-m. breaststroke: Alysha Darnell, third (48.72); Savanna Nobile, fourth (48.92); Bush, fifth (53.41). 100-m. IM: Darnell, first (1:40.4); Kinnard, second (1:50.89). 50-m. backstroke: Nobile, first (45.01); Bush, second (47.87); Powell, third (51.35); Miranda Jackson, fifth (51.81). 50-m. butterfly: Darnell, first (43.49); Becky Daniel, third (46.75). Boys – 50-m. freestyle: Kody Berendzen, first (30.87); Dillon Smith, second (31.29); Mason Reynolds, third (32.49); Cody Bryant, fourth (34.17); Eric Rodenberg, fifth (42.10). 50-m. breaststroke: Bryant, first (45.23); Berendzen, second (45.57); Rodenberg, third (48.9). 50-m. backstroke: Berendzen, first (40.87); Reynolds, second (41.64); Rodenberg, third (57.65). 50-m. butterfly: Smith, first (37.76).
18 and younger boys – 200-m. medley relay: Bryant, Berendzen, Smith and Reynolds, first (2:35.84). 200-m. freestyle relay: Berendzen, Rodenberg, Bryant and Reynolds, first (2:19.81). Girls – 200-m. medley relay: Bush, Daniel, Kinnard and Darnell, first (3:10.42); Haley Bentley, Brittanie Schuette, Nobile and Powell, third (3:31.59). 200-m. freestyle relay: Bush, Daniel, Kinnard and Darnell, second (2:44.87); Jackson, Nobile, Schuette and Powell, third (2:48.58).
PHOTO: Max Blair picked up second-place finishes in the 200-meter medley relay and the 100-m. IM for the Dolphins. (Photos by Ron Maulsby.)

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