Food preservation workshop next week in Richmond

With more people gardening than in years’ past, it is important to know how to preserve food safely, and whether the foods being preserved are more suited to canning or freezing.
Get up-to-date food preservation information by attending “So Easy to Preserve” Thursday, June 23, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Ray County Health Department, 820 E. Lexington in Richmond.
According to University of Missouri Extension Nutrition and Health Education Specialist Lynda Johnson, R.D., the workshop will include a demonstration of the steps to canning produce and operating both a boiling water bath canner and a pressure canner.
Knowing what equipment to use is one thing. Knowing how to sterilize it, use it properly and store the final product is another.
Nancy Coleman of the Ray County Extension shared information from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Missouri-Columbia, used by 4-H clubs that indicated knowing the acidity of the foods being preserved, water temperature/length of boiling time for various foods, and the altitude in Missouri is just part of preserving food safety. It’s vital to understand there is much to know, such as jars with wire bails and glass caps are not safe for canning and one-piece zinc, porcelain-lined caps are no longer recommended to use.
“Processing fruits and vegetables using outdated methods may not give you the best quality and may be unsafe to eat,” said Johnson. “In addition to basic procedures and steps to safe canning, we will share remedies for canning and freezing problems, and answer the most frequently asked questions.”
Each participant will receive a packet of USDA-approved canning guidelines and canning tips.
Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, June 17. The workshop is open to youth and adults. At least 12 participants are needed in order to hold the workshop. A $10 fee will be accepted to cover the cost of workshop materials, which includes actual canning and freezing of fruits and vegetables, plus valuable materials.
To obtain a registration form, please contact the Lafayette County Extension Center in Higginsville at 660-584-3658, or email

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