Henrietta may look at audit

The city of Henrietta may soon go through an audit at the direction of the Board of Aldermen.
The matter was discussed Friday night. City Clerk Margie Long lobbied the board for the audit and said it would be worth the cost.
According to Long, the last audit of the city was in 2003. Another audit performed in 1997 was also found. She said she has been asking for another audit since then.
“It’s been asked for, but they wouldn’t give it to us,” Long said.
She said cost was the main consideration. The cost of the audit in 2003 was more than $26,000, according to Long. However, that audit was a state conducted audit that was petitioned by the citizens.
Alderman Bob Duncan pointed out that many things need to be fixed that are obvious without an audit. All of the other Aldermen in attendance agreed an audit is needed.
Long said the key thing she found from the past audits was a need for segregation of duties between collections and payments. Long said she and City Collector Melba Rodenburg work well together, but said Rodenburg’s hours would have to increase in order to meet some of those demands. Furthermore, Long’s hours will need to increase as well. Duncan suggested City Hall be open on Wednesdays. Currently City Hall is closed on Wednesdays.
The board may also consider a spending freeze. The suggestion was made by Long because of concerns she has with the city’s revenues.

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