No plans for firemen to present contract to city

Despite voting to join a union last month, Richmond Firemen have no plans to present a contract at this time.
According to International Firefighters Association Local 3133 Vice President Sam Persell, the department is not ready to present a contract and there is no definite timetable to present one.
Persell said he has talked with firemen and has gathered some information pertaining to benefits and policies.
Persell did not know when the city’s next budget year begins but said they would try to have some discussions before then. The fiscal year ends Sept. 30. Persell also said he has not spoken with City Administrator Rick Childers or Fire Chief Lonnie Quick since addressing the city council in April.
“We always like to have some of this stuff out of the way before the budget gets set,” he said. “I don’t expect any changes that would impact the budget.”
Persell said the only real issue at this time is keeping the staffing levels where they are.
Persell said on Wednesday that the union had not received official certification results of the election but said he expected them any day.

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