Dumped cement causing draining problem

The Orrick City Council is awaiting a response from an area cement company that will determine how it will go about cleaning up dumped cement clogging a city drainage ditch.
Public Works Director Ed Sherwood informed the council Thursday evening that a driver from Mills Concrete recently deposited a yard of about three-feet-deep cement in a ditch at the corner of Sibley on Orrick’s south side while working on a resident’s driveway. Sherwood said it’s unclear who told the driver to dump the cement in the ditch.
“I don’t know if it’s the responsibility of (Mills Concrete owner) Jimmy (Mills) because he told the driver to dump there, or the driver’s responsibility because it’s his load and he decided to dump in one of the city’s ditches,” Sherwood told the council.
“The best probable way to think, is we hold everybody responsible,” said alderman Todd Wyse.
Sherwood received an account of what happened when he contacted Mills Concrete and spoke personally with the driver responsible. City Attorney Kevin Baldwin said a water department inquiry is underway to determine how to best handle the clean-up.
A “friendly request” has been made for Mills Concrete to address the clean-up, Baldwin said. He added that if it isn’t addressed in a timely manner, the city has the option of pursuing criminal charges for dumping.

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