Task force silent on Sims' dismissal

Board members for the Rural Alcohol Drug Enforcement task force are remaining silent on a move to remove suspended Orrick Police Chief Troy Sims.
Richmond Police Chief Terri McWilliams, who is close to the situation but did not speak in an official capacity, said she was told no official comment would be released because it is considered a personnel matter.
The RADE board is made up of Richmond Police Officers Amy Sisson, Jerry Folvarcik and Tracy Rogers. Sims was the fourth member of the board.
Sims told The Daily News last night that he had been voted off the board but was not given a reason why. Last night Sims said he had been told the reason he was voted off the board was because of some language he used during a discussion with the Hardin City Council in April.
According to the minutes of the April 23 meeting of the Hardin Council, Sims did appear before the council to lobby for RADE. The minutes say Sims explained that RADE would provide mutual aid and sobriety checkpoints. The council voted not to join.
Sims said he heard that he had spoke about kicking doors in. Sims said his presentation to the Hardin Council was no different than the presentation he has given to other cities including Henrietta where The Daily News was present. There was no mention of doors being kicked in at that meeting.
The Daily News contacted Ray County Coalition but has received no comment about the situation.

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