Orrick mayor files restraining order against Sims

Orrick Mayor Marilyn Butler has filed a restraining order against suspended Police Chief Troy Sims.
Sims has been on administrative leave since Saturday when the council placed Sims on leave after a special council meeting.
The Council held a closed session meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday night, but about 6:40 p.m. Ray County Sheriff’s deputies entered the meeting and emerged with Sims. Sims told The Daily News he had been served a restraining order. Sims showed a copy of the order to The Daily News. Butler was listed as the respondent.
Sims said he was not told why he was suspended or how long the suspension would last.
Butler would not comment on the restraining order.
Butler said no interim chief of police has been named but said officer George O’Dell has taken on more duties to assist her in the transitional period.
During open session, resident Elliot Rice addressed the council. Rice was thrust into the center of what is believed to be an investigation into Sims at the council meeting last month. It was revealed that Rice had filed a complaint against a neighbor through Alderman Steve Tietsort who then filed a complaint with Sims.
However, Butler indicated last month that Rice had filed a complaint with her about his name being used in a complaint and denied making the initial complaint against his neighbors. Additionally, former Mayor Shirley Taylor claimed that Rice had complained to her as well. Taylor was also present during the closed session and left the meeting about 15 minutes before the ending of the meeting. Butler said Taylor’s appearance had nothing to do with Sims’ investigation.
Tietsort was not in attendance last night.
Rice asked the council for assurance he would not be in any danger or harassed by Sims. Rice said two days after being suspended, Sims showed up in his neighbor’s driveway acting like nothing had happened.
“I know he was told to stay away from the area,” Rice said. “I want to know that this issue is going to be resolved.
Orrick Attorney Kevin Baldwin said the council could not comment on the situation but assured him there is no reason to worry.
“We have no reason to believe citizens of Orrick are in any danger,” Baldwin said in speaking on behalf of the council. “We’ve acted in the best interest of the city and we’ve taken those issues into account in the actions that we have taken.”
O’Dell reported that all the locks on city property had been changed.

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