Park vandalism costs city money, labor

Richmond’s skate park and playground basketball regulars might thank vandals for their park receiving some impromptu touch-ups.
Vandals struck the skate park and basketball court at West Lexington Street over Memorial Day weekend, covering the skate park ramps with graffiti and taking bolts from the basketball court’s metal backstops and bending the south goal’s rims, said Richmond park superintendant Terry Dickey Monday evening.
Four man hours and $1,000 later, Dickey has scrubbed the graffiti from the ramps and repainted them. He summed up the clean-up as “more of a headache than anything else.”
“That’s the worst graffiti we’ve had down there in quite a while,” Dickey said.
Replacing the backstops will run the city $5,000, and Dickey wants to install metal backboards with more durable, double-thick “prison rims” on the goals that withstand more stress.

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