Judge lowers Wrisinger’s bond

A former Richmond man charged with the murder of his former wife and daughter has had his bond lowered today.
Ronald D. Wrisinger, 68, was arraigned on Friday for the murder of Sherry and Johnna Wrisinger but a plea of not guilty was entered on Wrisinger’s behalf by Ray County Circuit Court Judge David Miller because Wrisinger had no representation.
Sherry was 40 at the time of her death and Johnna was 16. The two women disappeared in June of 1986. Wrisinger was arrested at his home in Marble Falls, Ark. last Wednesday.
Kansas City Attorney John P. O’Connor made an appearance for Wrisinger but said it is expected that Public Defender Melinda Troeger will take over the case.
Wrisinger is being held in the Ray County Jail on a $500,000 bond. No 10 percent was allowed, however, Miller ruled that Wrisinger could post $100,000 and be released on a $400,000 signature bond.
O’Connor requested a 10 percent allowance but Miller was only willing to go to 20 percent. Furthermore, Wrisinger will be allowed to stay with his sister, Nancy Black, at her home in St. Joseph. If Wrisinger posts bond, he will not be allowed to leave Black’s house unless it is for a medical emergency.
O’Connor told the court that Wrisinger’s medical condition would make him unlikely to flee and that he takes six medications including three for a heart condition.
“The purpose of bond is not to punish,” O’Connor argued. “There’s no reason to punish his family.”
O’Connor referred to a case in Kansas City where a confessed killer received a $250,000 bond. Furthermore, O’Connor argued that the evidence presented so far is circumstantial.
Ray County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Thompson disagreed and said Wrisinger’s age is a factor in his likelihood to flee.
Thompson also argued that Wrisinger is a danger to the public because intimidation was the reason the two womens’ disappearance went unreported.
Thompson said the evidence against Wrisinger was enough for 12 citizens on a grand jury to issue an indictment.
Wrisinger will not be allowed to have any contact with any witnesses, including the two surviving daughters at the request of Thompson. The request garnered an animated response from family members in attendance.
Wrisinger’s next court date is July 1.

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