City, County 911 Dispatch inch closer to consolidation

Delegations from the city of Richmond and Ray County 911 Dispatch met last night and moved closer to a deal that would bring the two dispatch centers together.
Richmond Police Communications Specialist Tim Ray provided numbers to County 911 and two proposals.
One option would be for County 911 to handle all 911 calls and dispatch services. The second option would include the first option plus record entries and modifications.
Richmond’s total calls and traffic stops have decreased significantly in the last two years. Ray attributed the decline in numbers to a shortage of staff.
The delegations will meet again on Monday, June 8, when County 911 will present a cost proposal to Richmond.
present a cost proposal to Richmond. County 911 Director Scott Enss will make a visit to Richmond dispatch next week to assess what will be involved in moving the Richmond system to the County 911 office.
County 911 Board member Paul Harris broke down the formula that will determine what the cost proposal will be formulated from. Harris said the city’s cost would be determined by the percentage of calls used.
Harris said the city’s numbers would be looked at yearly after two years to get a gauge on what actual usage is. Rates are then adjusted by actual usage.
“It could be a savings for everybody,” commented Ray County 911 Board member Brian Bush. “Some of the people paid a little bit less this year than last year and some of them paid a little bit more. We wanted to be fair.”
Not at the meeting was Police Chief Terri McWilliams or Fire Chief Lonnie Quick. Enss said Quick came by his office to speak to him. Enss said Quick’s only concern would be the quality of service.
Enss praised the work of his staff and assured the six Richmond city councilmen in attendance that they received the highest training. Enss also explained emergency plans.

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