Jobs in supply for area youth

Dubbed the “Next Generation Jobs Team,” positions are open to residents ages 16-24 of Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties that meet criteria.
“We have eight-week positions. It’s a 30-hour work week, including an hour a day of educational enrichment activity,” said Carole Van Bibber, Career Development Executive-11 Coordinator for the Full Employment Council.
Van Bibber said the summer youth program will employ up to 1,200 youth throughout these counties. The FEC brochure states: “Quality internship experiences will be developed by collaborating with local businesses, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, area schools (which also includes local colleges and universities), local city, state, federal and county government agencies and healthcare entities.”
“The program is primarily for disadvantaged youth and it’s income-based,” said Van Bibber. “They have to qualify financially and have one of the following barriers to employment – IEP, school drop-out, homeless, foster child, a parenting youth, pregnant, little/no successful work experience, a long and unsuccessful work search, no educational or vocational goals, fired within the last six months or be a first generation college student.”
The first of these internship positions began on May 1, but many are just opening up. The last workday on the program will be Sept. 30. Applications for the eight-week positions are still being taken. Van Bibber said, “You can be a college or high school student, or not in school at all.”
Positions available vary from clerical and activity aides, to maintenance and landscaping, to name a few. Van Bibber said, “We were looking for some ‘green’ jobs, and things that were in demand,” for the summer internships.
“We do an assessment that lines up their abilities, interests and values with a matching position,” Van Bibber continued. The interns gain valuable work experience, and ideas for careers while earning a paycheck and the businesses benefit from having an additional employee.
Interested youth should stop by the FEC, located at 103 E. North Main in Richmond, or call Jennifer Wright or Carole Van Bibber at 816-776-3116.

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