Shot in the foot

The job of being a politician is not easy. Many people aspire to elected office for many reasons. I assume some of them do so in a desire to give service to the public for an altruistic reason. It is possible these reasons change after election.
I do know that most politicians holding office think they are not paid well for their efforts. I once asked a newly elected Missouri representative if he was satisfied with his salary. His reply was an anguished, “NO.” I followed with the question, “Did you check the salary before you ran?” I did not get an answer. Is this the reason many of them get into trouble with the law?
There is an old saying that when someone injures themselves in a stupid manner, usually the damage is done to the individual’s reputation. This seems to have happened to many of the Republican members of our national Congress. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth concerning the fate of the Republican Party caused by these “errors in judgment.” The Democrats wrested control of Congress from the Republicans because of a loss of what is usually called “common sense.” They shot themselves in their collective feet.
The problem is those remaining in their offices do not seem to have learned a lesson from what has happened. They are not willing or able to take the blame for their own bad judgment. Instead, they flail around trying to blame their successors for everything that is wrong in our country today. The Democrats did more than just help to put the country in the financial condition we must now endure.
The Republican Party continues to believe that their party base is the religious conservative people of this country. I differ with their description of their base. True, the pro-life cohort in this country wants everyone to believe that his or her way is the only way. I have no quarrel with that attitude. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. Everyone has the right to be wrong also. When you are wrong, the results are your problem. That is why the change happened. The Republicans were wrong in the way they ran the government.
The conservative right is being sold as believers in human life because of their pro-life stance. Once you get by that, you find that they have a stronger belief in their own survival, especially their financial standing.
The gaining and/or keeping of wealth have become the primary goal for people in power. In some circumstances, this is a worthy goal. However, when the getting involves taking risks with other people’s money, the hunt for personal wealth is reprehensible. This type of getting rich should be rewarded with a trip to the house of iron bars. Unfortunately, the people in power are the same ones that should apply the punishment.
This is not to say that only members of one party is guilty of the wrongdoing. Both parties assisted in the necessary legislation that allowed the investors to expand in to unworthy financial investments. These legislators have allowed such laxness in regulation of how the investment houses handled your money. The gall to ask the public to save these investment houses is unbelievable.
It is true, if we are to set the ship of state upright once again, it will be “we the people,” that will bear the burden. Maybe this is only fair. By our non-interest in what our elected employees were doing, perhaps we allowed this to happen. It behooves all citizens to know as much as possible what your government is doing. Never, never think you cannot make a difference. With the information transfer that is available to the public today so tremendous, it must be utilized by the public.
Why the government thinks that the rich should have their riches returned before the average citizen I do not understand. Maybe it can work that way, but one thing is that we are more able to suffer the pain, as we are used to it. If not by us, it is our country too.

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