Argument at filling station turns violent

An argument between two men at the local Cenex filling station on Wednesday turned into a bloody fight with one man being arrested.
A 45-year-old Richmond man was arrested and released and is expected to be charged with felony assault, according to police. He was arrested by Richmond Police after they discovered him hiding around the corner from the scene of the crime.
Police say a 19-year-old Richmond man was also arrested for tampering with evidence because he tried to hide an alleged weapon used in the assault.
Police identify a 27-year-old Richmond man as the victim. He told police the assailant hit him at least five times with a wrench. The victim told police he tried to fight back.
The victim said he got out of his car and looked over to see the assailant coming at him with the wrench.
Store clerk Mark Braley said he saw the exchange of blows between the two men but did not see what led up to the fight.
However, Braley reviewed store video cameras with police that show the two men shouting at each other. According to Braley, the victim was in his car and the assailant was in a black dump truck.
Braley said the tape shows the victim getting out of his car while the assailant ran across the parking lot striking the victim with a wrench.
Police initially had the victim hand-cuffed but released him after the assailant was put into a patrol car. The victim left the scene on his own recognizance.
Richmond police have become accustomed to showing up at crime scenes where an assault was involved. In the last 30 days, Richmond Police have responded to nine different incidents, according to police reports, including a mother and son being shot with a pellet gun. Two youth were taken into custody in that incident. Two other incidents also involved juveniles.
Those numbers are slightly lower than previous months. According to a report submitted to the City Council last month, there were 19 assaults in March, 15 in February and 14 in January. One rape was also reported in March.
Numbers were even higher last year. March of 2008 reported 24 assaults while February of last year 28 were reported.
PHOTO: The alledged assailant, a 45- year-old Richmond man, is led away by Richmond police officers Chad Burnine and Amy Sisson.
(Photo by Dennis Sharkey/The Daily News)

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