Meeting in Orrick set for Friday to discuss flooding

Some residents in Orrick worry every time they hear threats of severe weather.
Worries of flooding are always a concern for a town that sits in the Missouri River bottoms, but some have to worry everytime it rains. Threats of flash flooding are always imminent for residents near Keeney Creek just outside of Orrick.
Flash floods last Friday almost cost resident Donnie Wilson his life, with memories of the last flood still fresh on his mind.
Last September, a five to six inch rain flooded the area. While evacuating his property, Wilson said he was struck in the leg by a railroad tie.
Wilson, along with his girlfriend Linda Lauck and his neighbor Bill Cravens, blame the nearby Keeney Creek for the flooding.
Lauck said the creek has not been cleared out in years and the lack of water sheds up stream force the heavy waters down on the property that butts up against Highway 210.
Lauck said the Missouri Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining the creek as part of an agreement when Highway 210 was constructed.
Lauck called Rep. Bob Nance on Monday to express her frustrations with the situation.
Lauck said Nance told her on Tuesday that he had arranged a meeting that will take place on or near the flooded area.
“I’m not just going to stand there,” Lauck said. “I want action!”
Residents also blame a railroad bridge downstream as well. Lauck said she thinks the bridge is not high enough and heavy rain waters carrying debris clog up the creek. The bridge is about a half mile south of Highway 210.
Nance has arranged a meeting for 8:30 a.m. on Friday and said today that represenatives from MoDOT would be at the meeting. In addition, representatives with the Orrick Levy District and Ray County Commissioners Office will also be at the meeting.
Photo: A bridge that spans Keeney Creek about a half mile south of Highway 210 is surrounded by flood debris a few days after the storm last Friday. (Photo by Dennis Sharkey/The Daily News)

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