Police seek grant for DWI checkpoint

The Richmond Police Department is seeking more than $25,000 in grant money for DWI checkpoints.
The grant would buy the equipment needed to conduct checkpoints including a trailer, lighting, generators and fuel.
The grant is through the Missouri Department of Transportation and is for the 2009 fiscal year.
According to the grant application, the program is designed to reduce alcohol and other drug-related fatalities and disabling injuries by 2 percent. There were more than 4,900 incidents the past three years.
Police Chief Terri McWilliams said the only requirements of the grant are that the department not sell any of the equipment and that the department try to seek additional grant funding on their own.
“They also want me to continually dedicate and make an attempt to continually find money when their’s dries up.”
McWilliams said any additional costs would be maintenance expenses. The only other costs according to her would be training but would come out of the police training fund.
McWilliams presented the grant to the City Finance Committee Thursday night.
McWilliams said the department was approached by MoDOT about the grant and offered the free equipment.
“This guy really wants us to have this equipment because we’ve done so much,” she said.
Part of the grant also pays for the salaries of the police officers that volunteer to work the check points that include benefits. McWilliams said the grant is 100 percent match.
According to the application there would be four check points conducted and four officers would be needed.
The checkpoints would be conducted as part of the Rural Alcohol and Drug Enforcement Task Force.
The checkpoints could be in Richmond, Orrick or Henrietta.

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