Some councilmen feel misled about fire station grant

Councilwoman Terrie Stanley rescinded her vote for an $855 expenditure for an exhaust system at the Richmond Fire Department.
Stanley said Tuesday night at the City Council meeting that she felt she was misled when Fire Chief Lonnie Quick presented the grant at a Public Safety Committee meeting and at a City Council meeting last month.
Stanley said she believed the old part of the Fire Department needed an exhaust system and that Quick said they needed to open the doors because the concentration of odor and carbon dioxide is too strong.
“I feel like I have the big word ‘sucker’ written all over my forehead because I believed you,” Stanley said.
Quick said he didn’t recall saying any of that and that he explained the grant was to complete the system because what the city has now is not adequate.
Stanley said she spoke with the contractor who installed the system and he said what the city has is adequate.
Quick said he also spoke with the contractor and did not get the same impression that Stanley did. Furthermore he said the department would not have received a grant if the system were adequate.
Councilman Roger Kepple said he felt the same way as Stanley. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Wright said he was not at the Public Safety Committee meeting but did think he was voting for something different. Wright said he still would have voted yes.
The total cost of the project, according to Quick, is $17,100 with the city picking up $855 of the bill.
Quick said he was not apologizing for the way he explained it, but said he was sorry that they felt misled and that was not his intention.
“I’m sorry you feel that way, but these are the facts that I told you that night,” Quick said.
Public Safety Committee Chairman Bob Bond said he will begin recording committee meetings himself so there are no disputes over what someone said.

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