Senior Services Board pleased with survey response

The Ray County Board of Senior Services unveiled the results of a recently conducted survey on Tuesday and was pleased with the response.
A total of 520 Ray County residents responded to the survey.
“I believe this is a good response from a small county,” Board Chairwoman Jane Bartlett said. “I think we did pretty good, considering.”
The majority of respondents were over the age of 50 and listed transportation to doctor visits as their number one greatest need, followed by transportation to grocery shopping, home repairs and maintenance and house-keeping.
The largest group of respondents, more than 30 percent, was between the ages of 66 and 74 and more than 64 percent of respondents were female.
More than two-thirds said they have lived in Ray County for more than 26 years and nearly 81 percent said they live in a single-family dwelling.
More than 54 percent said they live with a spouse while about 39 percent said they live alone. Bartlett said that some respondents said they are raising grandchildren
Nearly a third of those surveyed said they are employed with more than 12 percent of total respondents saying they work full time. More than 20 percent said they are disabled.
The city of Richmond assisted with the survey utilizing special software.
The board also opened proposals from several agencies in the area seeking funding for their operations, including the Eagleton Center where board meetings are held.
The board looked over each proposal but did not act on any proposal. Bartlett said the board would establish individual hearings with each agency. Bartlett said they would help as much as they can, but may be limited.
“We just don’t have as much money as we would like to have,” she said. “That’s no one’s fault. We have less than we thought we would have, because people are not paying their taxes because of the economic situation. We’ll do the best we can, but the money has to go a long way.”
The board is operating on limited funds but has collected about $127,000 over the last year. The tax for the board was passed in February of 2008 and the board began meeting the last couple of months.
Currently there are no plans to hire a board director and establish an office, however, Bartlett said requests for funding to hire a director have been submitted.
“We spend hours as it is of our own personal time and money just doing what we’re doing as volunteers,” she said.

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