Richmond High School roof needs repair

Using photos and drawings of the various roof areas of Richmond High School, Patrick Evans of Tremco presented the school board with an analysis report at the monthly meeting last night at Central Office.
There is 72,000 sq. ft. of roof surface at the high school. The many roof levels were designated alphabetically. Roofs A through G were from 1985 when the school was built. Roof H is a 2001 roof and Roof I is a 2006 roof.
Evans reported “multiple leak” issues, particularly where the roofs come together.
“Roofs G and H have some severe blistering,” said Evans, referring to places where the top of the roofing has not adhered to the surface of the roof. “Section I was installed in 2006 and is performing well, but there are minor issues there.”
Evans told the board that the roof is to be looked at as an asset, and that its value is approximately $1 million. That figure comes from what it would cost if it were necessary to tear off all of the roof and redo it.
“Your maintenance staff has used all the ways to fix the leaks. Some have cracked back through,” said Evans. “There are some consistent leak areas. The pitch pans (on top of the roof) are sinking down and will hold water. They need filled and a cover cap put on them. There is old equipment up there that needs to be capped off and HVAC penetration in walls that leak.”
Evans’ proposal advised removal/replacement of wet insulation (there are three small areas of this), restoration and replacement of the roof membrane as needed, repair/replace/restore base flashing and counter flashing, fillin pitch pans, cutting out and replacing blistered areas and other items.
Board member Dale Vandiver questioned Evans regarding how well the 25-year old roof has held up.
“I’ve seen worse at five or 10 years,” said Evans, who encouraged the board to act on repairs now.
“As many roofs as we can save, we need to do,” Evans continued. “Roof G needs replaced. Every other roof can be restored. We should hit the ones we can extend the life of for a lot less than replacement.”
Board member Dr. John Scowley asked if they should proceed with the restorative portion of the project first and then do the replacement. Evans suggested they follow that process.
Jeff Southwick, Director of Support Services, said the proposal will be presented to the Facilities Committee for further discussion. He said the cost is yet to be determined, according to the direction the committee and board choose. Payment for the project may be drawn from Fund 4 on Capital Improvements.

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