Former councilman appointed to zoning board

It took a tie-breaking vote last night by Mayor Lance Green to appoint former City Councilman Scott Marshall to the Board of Zoning Adjustments.
Councilman Bob Bond, Jim Dunwoodie, Terrie Stanley and Roger Kepple voted no.
Some councilman had a concern about a closed session meeting of the board last fall that involved a variance for the entrance to the fire station parking lot. Councilman Dave Powell said several people complained to him about Marshall sitting in and voting on a matter when he was on the council.
Community Development Director Lisa Hastings said that state statutes allow for a councilmember to sit on the board.
City Clerk Robin Littrell said it was an emergency situation because the board did not have a quorum.
Stanley said according to the ordinances she read, it was not allowed.
Green then informed the council that the ordinance had been amended last year to allow the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem to sit on the board in an emergency capacity.
Board member Everett Ishmael said he was the one that brought the issue to the council. Ishmael said even though he is for the project, he probably would have voted no had the order of the roll call vote been different. He said he had no idea Marshall was going to vote.
“I don’t have anything in the world against it,” he said. “But I didn’t like they way it came down.”
Kepple, chairman of the ordinance committee, said he would review the ordinance.
Ishmael said a situation did not arise from the vote because the issue never went before the council but could happen in the future.

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