Firemen called to restaurant over Mushroom Festival weekend

Richmond Fire was called for a fire at Tequila Jalisco Mexican Restaurant on Saturday evening, according to a report filed by the department. Upon arrival, customers had been removed from the structure. Smoke was escaping from the interior and exterior of an east wall, near the east entrance.
The fire department made entry to the wall and boxed façade area, and discovered a smoldering fire on the exterior of the structure, inside a bricked façade. The fire was extinguished, and the charred wood removed.
In other news:
On April 23, Richmond Fire was called to Shirkey Leisure Acres for a fire. Upon arrival, residents of the affected wing were being evacuated by nursing staff.
It was determined that an electrical problem had occurred in a wall-mounted cooling unit, causing an electrical fire in the unit. The fire had been extinguished by nursing staff using a dry-chem extinguisher. Fire personnel removed the unit housing to ensure the fire was out, and waited for the facility maintenance personnel to arrive to disconnect power to the unit.
Smoke was removed by positive pressure ventilation, and the ward was cleared for the return of the patients. No other wings of the facility were affected.

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