Park board will release plan in a month

The Park Board’s plan for how they are going to spend taxpayers money should be ready in a month.
Park Board member Glen Martin has been putting together the plan, after the board conducted two special work sessions in March to develop it.
Martin said the final plan will be composed of three elements with the first being a written report of what the board has talked about and what plans are being made.
Martin said he will put the plan into a slide show-type format that will be posted on the city’s Web site for residents’ to view. Martin said it can be made similar to a movie.
The third component is a project planner that will also be available on the Web site. The planner will outline the project with a start and finish date.
Martin said right now the plan is fairly broad but can be narrowed down to a much more manageable format. He suggested the board have an agenda item each January or February that will outline what the plan will be for that calendar year.
The board decided to develop the plan after City Administrator Rick Childers questioned the board’s process at a meeting at the beginning of March.
Childers told the board that they were spending a great deal of their new tax money without a plan.
The board has spent close to $200,000 of $225,000 that was borrowed against the board’s new tax that was passed in April 2008.
In other actions:
• The board elected new officers last night, although no changes occurred at the top. Joyce Bowles will remain as board president and Bill Purcell will remain as vice-president.
Luana Bloom will take over as secretary for Beverly Phipps and Glen Martin will take Bloom’s spot as Treasurer.
• The board will advertise old bleachers currently at Legion Field for sale. The board recently purchased new bleachers for every ballfield in the park system.

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