Henrietta approves contract to purchase water from Richmond

The Henrietta Board of Alderman took the first step in completely rehabilitating the city’s water system.
The city approved a contract for more than $33,000 to have the water tower inspected and painted. The city was directed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to perform the maintenance on the tower last year but was granted extra time.
“DNR is definitely watching for this project to start because we did tell them spring,” City Clerk Margie Long said. “We have not heard anymore from DNR when we have to have it done, but spring is here and we did tell them we would.”
DNR granted the city extra time because the city began pursuing a regional plan to buy water from the city of Richmond at a bulk rate. The two cities began working on the plan last summer.
The city’s water tower will have to be shut down until the maintenance is complete, and water will have to be transported straight from Richmond. Once the water tower is back on line, the city will shut down its water plant and begin pumping water from Richmond into the city’s water tower.
The city also received notification from the Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee that the city’s proposal had been reviewed. The MWWRC reviews plans for projects and determines what the best means for funding may be.
Mid America Regional Council Grant Administrator Molly McGovern told the city that $100,000 of the total $532,000 project would have to be financed through the city. The rest of the funds could come from DNR or U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development grants. The grant money will be used to replace the city’s entire water line system.
The city is also extensively working on stormwater infiltration issues. Long told the board the city will be receiving close to $5,000 in credits from their next sewer bill. The credits must be used to address infiltration problems to the city’s system. So far the city has spent more than $3,100 on infiltration and the board approved an additional $2,500 on Saturday.
Due to the attention being focused on infiltration, city crews have not had time to install new playground equipment in the city. The city says if anyone would like to volunteer to help to call city hall at 816-290-5337.

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