Childers welcomes new council with list of issues to address

Before the new city council could take their seats last night, City Administrator Rick Childers had a list of problems and issues waiting for them.
At the top of the list is a potential notice of violation from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for lime sludge build up at the city’s water plant.
The city contracted to have a majority of the liquid lime sludge removed from the plant’s lagoons, however a large pile of dry lime sludge still sits.
Childers said the city has only received a verbal confirmation but said he expects a written notice to be handed down. He said typically DNR gives a city 90 days to rectify the situation but also said that is not always the case. Sometimes the time period could be shorter or longer he said.
However, resident Jim Nolker submitted a proposal to the city to remove the dry lime sludge that would meet DNR’s deadline. Nolker said he would be willing to defer payment until next budget year.
Childers said the city meet with DNR officials last week to discuss plans for a South Waste Water Plant expansion. Childers said requirements were discussed as well as funding streams.
Childers said that aggressive infiltration and inflow work has been done on the city’s stormwater system and that about 8 percent capacity has been added to the plant, thanks to the program.
Childers outlined the need for expansion of the Waste Water Plant but also said some preventive maintenance needs to take place soon. He said the hillside near the south train and clarifier of the plant is not stable. He said the hill has moved about 2.5 to 3 feet.
“We’re not in violation of anything at this point but it’s not exactly clear how long they would allow that situation to remain,” he said. “It’s a situation that needs to be repaired.”
Childers also said an expansion is necessary for future development.
Childers also reported that the private sewer line on Franklin Street appears to be only serving one resident. Childers said the city should hold off on doing anything until major sewer line upgrades are made in the area.
“We have asked the homeowner to continue to monitor that,” he said. “If they don’t experience further problems we’ll probably recommend just leaving the line.”
Childers said the city did receive one proposal for management of the compost site. The proposal has the city paying a $5,000 flat fee for the operation. Childers said at that rate the city would probably break even on costs. He said the real benefit is freeing up city employees for other jobs. Childers said employees from other departments have to be pulled off of jobs to attend the compost site. Childers said the site would still be free to residents.
Photo: City Clerk Robin Littrell administers the oath of office to new councilmen. From left, incumbent Tom Williams (Ward 1), Bob Bond (Ward 1), Jim Dunwoodie (Ward 3), Mayor Pro Tem Mike Wright (Ward 3), Terrie Stanley (Ward 4) and Roger Kepple (Ward 2). (Photo by Dennis Sharkey / The Daily News)

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