Carnahan says amendment would restrict voting

A House resolution co-sponsored by Rep. Bob Nance is drawing criticism from the Secretary of State.
Robin Carnahan on Tuesday released a statement saying she was disappointed in the House Elections Committee for passing the resolution 7-5 and is now headed for the House floor.
Carnahan said the resolution could hurt 10,000 military personnel and 14,500 disabled voters and that it will restrict their access to vote.
According to Carnahan, people with disabilities would lose the ability to be put on a permanent absentee list. She said Missourians serving in combat would not be able to assure their ballot is counted.
In 2006 the Missouri Supreme Court overturned a law that would require photo identification, according to Carnahan who opposed the original law.
“Our legislators should be looking for ways to ensure our voting system stays secure and efficient, while making it easier for voters to have their voice heard. This proposal goes in the wrong direction,” Carnahan said, “It is especially outrageous that it harms Missourians serving in the military and voters with disabilities.”
Nance said he supports the resolution because he has heard many complaints about voter fraud.
He said the resolution will allow Missouri voters to decide.
“They (voters) would decide.,” Nance said. “Not us politicians. It’s the people’s choice and we would like to see them vote on that.”
Nance said in the past the state has done a good job of making sure disable and elderly Missourians have had a chance to register to vote and doesn’t believe the argument that it would create a hardship.
“If I can help them get that (identification) I will,” Nance said.
The resolution will now go to the full House for a vote and then to the Senate.

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