Board removes recycle bins from park

Those wanting to drop off recycled goods at Southview Park will now have to take items elsewhere.
The Richmond Park Board decided Monday night to remove the recycle bins from Southview Park because they were not being maintained.
Park Superintendent Terry Dickey said the bins can become overfilled and then residents stack plastic bags up against the bins. He said all it takes is a strong wind to have recycled material all over the park and in the lake.
“Those were made for people in the park if they were drinking a bottle of water they could put it in there,” Dickey said. “But people are bringing out garbage sacks full.
Board member Mark Sowder said the program is costing the Park Department money because they are supplying the trash bags to Ideal Industries to remove the recyclables.
Board members also said the bins are becoming overfilled because they were not being dumped in a timely manner.
The board said they will contact Ideal Industries about picking up the recycle bins and moving them to their location.

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