Folvarcik heading to Switzerland

Richmond High School senior Trey Folvarcik has been accepted to the 2009 USA Basketball Team by 365 Sports, and will play this summer at the 2009 Wilson Swiss All-Star Tournament in Switzerland.
Trey will represent Richmond and the United States at the international showcase tournament.
To prepare Trey for his trip, he will attend a two-day seminar in Kansas City. The program is entitled “Life of an Athlete” and will train and certify Trey as a Student Athlete Chemical Health Coordinator.
On July 18, Trey will go to North Carolina where he will train at Hoops City U for three days in a high intensity training boot camp. Black out training, core skill development, speed, agility and vertical training, as well as classroom instruction on nutrition, hydration and preventing sports injuries will also be taught.
From North Carolina, the athletes will depart with their teams for Zurich, Switzerland where they will stay until July 28.
“Trey learned of this opportunity when he received a letter at school inviting him to a meeting in Kansas City to get more information on the program,” said Tammy Folvarcik, Trey’s mother.
When they arrived at the meeting, Trey read a statement in one of the brochures about the cost of the program. Knowing that it may put a strain on the family budget, Trey looked at his mom and said, “We can leave now if you want.”
“But I refused to leave without knowing how much this once in a lifetime opportunity would set us back,” said Folvarcik. “I was relieved to find out it would cost only $3,895 and we would have time to raise the money. In addition to the program fee, we will have to purchase a passport book as well as his initial flight to North Carolina. From there, accommodations will be included in the package price. Trey will also be taking around $400 in spending money.”
So far the family has made several payments and are grateful for a few donations from family and friends, as well as the All Sports Club. A fundraiser is being planned for May, around Mushroom Festival time.
The 365 Sports Program is an opportunity available to select individuals that demonstrate elite play on the court and who are striving to take their game to the next level.
Former collegiate and professional coaches put the athletes through an intense training environment where they learn advanced skills. Athletes will compete in their own International Championship while interacting with athletes from many countries.
You may donate to help send Trey to Switzerland by going online at
Photo: Richmond High School senior Trey Folvarcik (Submitted photo)

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