Bikers rally for Backpack Program this weekend

It all started with a student caring about other students, and then it took wing – perhaps even Gold Wings, and maybe a few Hondas and Harley’s. It all comes together this Friday, from 6 to 10 p.m. at Hilltop Grill in Holt.
Richmond High School junior Brittany Childers had heard about hungry children in the district. She learned about the now well-known Backpack Program that started at Sunrise, spread to Dear early this year and then to the middle school and high school.
Also a National Honor Society student, Brittany joined in on a fundraiser to raise food and money for the Backpack Program. She gathered food and took the receipt to the school, but was told it needed to be for one of the other schools. Because her little brother attends one of the elementary schools, she was interested in helping there. Undaunted, Brittany assured one of the school social workers that she would find a way to help them.
That’s where the story leaves Richmond, for now, and goes northward into Holt. Brittany was allowed to place a donation jar at Hilltop Grill, where she waitresses, in Holt, and was pleased to raise $300 in just one month.
The story takes yet another unforeseen turn.
One of the restaurant patrons saw the jar and contacted his group to consider helping with Brittany’s project. That’s where the James Gang Inc., a non-profit motorcycle organization, rides into the picture. At each monthly meeting, they choose a specific organization to help and wanted to do a charity bike night for the Backpack Club. After jumping through the hoops and hollers of permits, in the true spirit of labor and delivery, “Bike Night” was born.
The story turns again. The bikers bought air time on 101 the Fox radio station to broadcast their “Bike Night” and its purpose, which returns the story to Richmond.
So, from a regular, but important, fundraiser in Richmond to Holt, to motorcycles to radio, “Bike Night” is sure to interest bikers and others from many areas looking forward to the warm weather forecast for this weekend. Proceeds go to help supply the Backpack Program that has been generously supported by the community. Sunrise Elementary Social Worker Julie Hyder said she is thrilled with the way the event came about and hopes many people attend.
So, jump in your car or on your bike this Friday evening and head to Hilltop Grill, 5288 SE PP Highway in Holt for “Bike Night.” Patrons can purchase dinner and beverages at a reduced cost, enjoy the evening, and help keep the Backpack Club fully stocked. A food pantry will be there for those that wish to donate food items.
For more information about “Bike Night,” contact the Hilltop Grill at 816-320-2666. To learn more about the James Gang Inc., check their Web site at

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