Doubles teams lift Spartans to first tennis victory

It didn’t take the Spartan tennis team long to shake off its season-opening shutout loss at Excelsior Springs. Richmond captured half of the singles matches and then took the final two doubles matches to record a 5-4 win at Cameron Thursday afternoon.
The Spartans dropped the first two doubles matches with Phillip Corwin falling at No. 1 to Matthew McCannon 6-8, and Landon Green lost to Brandon Turner 4-8, at No. 2. Richmond won the next two singles with Donnie Pangborn defeating Jacob Chase 9-7 in the No. 3 singles, followed by Josh O’Dell stopping Nathan Thompson 8-4 at No. 4. Dillon Willamson lost at No. 5 to Steven Lammers 6-8, and Kyle Cox ended singles play on a good note for the Spartans with an 8-3 decision over Seth Andersen.
The No. 1 doubles squad of Corwin/Green lost to McCannon/Turner 4-8, but Richmond captured the final two pairings. Pangborn/O’Dell defeated Chase/Thompson 8-5 at No. 2, and Williamson/Cox won a hard-fought No. 3 doubles match 9-8 over Lammers/Andersen after taking the tiebreaker 7-1.
Richmond and Cameron split the four junior varsity doubles matches.
Dylan Berry/Ryan Bloom lost to Jacob Lither/Ammond Scott 4-8, and Eddie Cox/Cameron Parker dropped an 0-8 match to Ethan Lowenstein/Max Smith. Barry/Bloom bounced back to take a 9-7 victory over Sebastian Young/Scott, and Cox/Parker also recorded an 8-5 decision over Cameron Ruckman/Jonathan Brockman.
The Spartans, now 1-1, are scheduled to host Odessa Monday at Maurice Roberts Park.

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