Small crowd greets BOE candidates

It was a disappointing turn out for the Richmond Board of Education Candidate’s Forum last night at Sunrise Media Center.
With over 1,600 students attending four schools in the district, teacher Jill Pence said a total of 31 individuals signed the attendance paper.
A handful of parents showed up to hear the five candidates speak and answer questions. Gwen Weate, BOE vice-president, and board member Steve Rittmiller were in attendance. No district administrators were present. All Parent-Teacher Organization officers were present and provided the refreshments.
Steve Hitchcock served as the forum moderator with Pence and Robbin Cole of the RNEA as co-chairs. Eight teachers from the district were also in attendance.
Pence was pleased to see individuals that no longer have children in school come to the forum.
“I’m always impressed to see the retired people who attend,” she said. “They come because they’re interested. I think it’s very visionary to attend even when they don’t have students attending school anymore.”
Two seats will be determined in the April 7 election, with five candidates vying for your vote. Currently occupied by Dr. Brad Richey and Connie Taylor, both of whom are running for a second term, the other three candidates include Jeffrey “Tof” McWilliams, Rex Taylor and Larry Maxwell.
Each candidate introduced themselves based on a series of questions they had received prior to the forum. Their responses to these questions and the ones posed by the audience will be printed in Thursday’s edition of The Daily News.

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