City seeks help with compost site

In an effort to become more efficient, the city of Richmond is looking for a way to better manage the city’s compost site.
The compost site is only open by appointment at this time or on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. from the first weekend in April to the second weekend in December.
The compost site is free to Richmond residents, however Henrietta residents can use the site if they purchase a ticket.
City Administrator Rick Childers said at a city council meeting last week that the city will soon send out a request for a proposal to manage the compost site. He said the current system has some disadvantages. The most glaring is that the city does not have a dedicated person that handles the site. Childers said weeds are growing in the compost piles, and proper rotation does not occur on a regular basis.
Childers said in order to open the site when resident’s want to use it, a city staff person has to stop whatever job they are doing to attend the site.
“We’re pretty tight on staff,” Childers said. “Staffing of it is always an issue. Management of it is always an issue.”
Mayor Lance Green said the compost site also costs the city money to operate. With a tight budget, he said this might be another way to alleviate the tightness.
“We’re trying to find a way to keep it open and maybe even have it open more, but not cost the city any extra money,” Green said.
Anyone interested should contact Childers at 816-776-5304.

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