RHS Technology Class creating a buzz

“It took two years of meetings for parent/community relations,” said Richmond High School Principal Karen Southwick, as she proudly introduced students from Robbin Cole’s Web Page II class to the school board for their presentation.
At the monthly school board meeting, Mar. 10, RHS senior Kenny Hogan stepped up to the podium and explained the newly released high school Web site, as it was projected onto the Smart Screen.
Released in January, the Richmond High School’s recreated and updated Web site can be accessed at Click on “Schools” and then go to “high school.” From there you can navigate to various areas on the site.
“Choosing a design was hard,” said Hogan. “We all had different ideas we wanted to use, and we had to agree.”
School Web sites from Liberty and Independence provided many ideas to the class as they recreated the site.
Cole said the students studied and learned about the attributes of design, the important role of trouble-shooting, and developed abilities to apply the design process. Adding to that knowledge, they developed the ability to use and maintain technological products and gained an understanding of selecting and using technological information.
Plans are already underway to make scholarship applications available online so that users can complete them in pdf format, making that process much easier. It also would allow students to send their scholarship applications easily and rapidly to various schools. They hope to provide the same process for students to send their high school transcripts.
The site also provides links to the district, Powerschool, the Opaa menu and other information. Many of the high school pages are “two or more deep.” That means, as more information is added, the user may go deeper into the organization or area they click on. For example, under “organizations” there are individual web pages for each organization.
“You do web pages in levels,” said Cole. “From ‘Home’ you can go to other pages. That’s two deep, and from those you can go to the next and that’s three deep.”
The class started the whole process by informally polling the students, to see what would make them want to check the web site.
“When we asked the students what they wanted on the site, we heard they wanted pictures,” said Cole, and that too is in the planning. There is currently a type of slide show featuring the RHS Marching Spartan Band.
With 10 students in Cole’s class, it still takes meeting two to three times a week, and 30-45 man hours per week to maintain it and keep it updated. As of this writing, there has been 886 hits on the site. That is up from approximately 835 hits as of the school board meeting Tuesday evening.
Photo: Kenny Hogan demonstrates the newly revised/created/updated Richmond High School Web site at the Mar. 10, school board meeting. (Photo by Brenda Jensen/The Daily News)

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