City considers restrictions for new parking lots

Some of the city’s new parking lots are attracting some unwanted attention.
City Council members on Tuesday night briefly discussed an ordinance to restrict use of some parking in the city’s lots.
Ordinance Committee Chairwoman Beverly Gorham said the issue was brought to light recently because some trucks and oversized vehicles are starting to find temporary homes in the lots.
City Administrator Rick Childers substantiated her claim.
“It’s already attracting some oversized vehicles that seem to stay there for a long time,” Childers said.
Some of the discussion centered on towing vehicles that are left unattended for more than 24 hours. It was brought up by a resident that some of the cars left unattended around the downtown area might belong to square dwellers.
Gorham said some of the sample ordinances looked at had some type of sticker option for people who live and work around the lots.
Police Chief Terri McWilliams said sometimes cars are left because they break down. She said if that happens the person can call the police department and they will work with them on leaving a vehicle.
McWilliams suggested adding loitering to the ordinance as well. She said the city has agreements with some business owners to give tickets for loitering or congregating. She said business owners have to put up signs, so the city would have to do the same.
The city would make an amendment to Chapter 355 of the ordinance book that addresses parking issues.

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