Spiers may step down from council seat in coming weeks

Keeping a full eight seats filled has been a challenge for the Richmond City Council the past several months and is again an issue.
First Ward Councilman Scott Spiers has not attended a city meeting in over a month, including the last two meetings of the whole council.
Mayor Lance Green said Tuesday night that Spiers indicated to him that he was probably moving out of town, which would make him ineligible to serve. Green said Spiers has not formally announced his resignation and said he will wait to make a formal announcement, but did say he should know by the next council meeting in two weeks. Green said Spiers did not indicate to him the reason behind his probable decision. He said the council will probably leave the seat unfilled since an election is being held in four weeks. Spiers was appointed by Green last August to fill the vacancy left by former Councilman Chris Keen who was impeached.
Keen was impeached for not attending council meetings without giving notice. Green said Spiers did call to let the council know that he was not attending last night and has done so for every meeting he has missed.

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