Charges filed against two for distributing drugs near a school

On Feb. 9 the Ray County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Richmond Police Dept., arrested Lois J. Comstock for FTA on Narcotics charges.
Ray County Deputies Capt. Brian Bush and Lt. Rich Myers made contact with Richmond Det. Scott Bagley in reference to the warrant on Comstock. Bagley advised Ray County Deputies of an active narcotics investigation in which Comstock sold methamphetamines to a juvenile.
Bagley, along with Bush, Myers and Pete Castilleja made contact with Comstock at her residence at 413 East North Main St., Richmond which is 750 feet from the nearest school and within 200 feet of the nearest public housing. Comstock was at the residence along with a male juvenile. Comstock was advised of the warrant and gave consent to search her residence.
After a search of the residence several items were located including several pipes used to smoke marijuana that contained visible marijuana residue, rolling papers, a Zig Zag roller, plastic baggies, some which contained residue that field tested positive for methamphetamines, glass pipes which field tested positive for methamphetamines and cut straws which field tested positive for methamphetamines.
As Richmond Police had an active open case of narcotics activity at this address, Bagley advised that he would add these items and offenses to his case. After subsequent interviews, Bagley applied for a warrant for the arrest of Comstock and Mark A. Hack for the alleged violations. A warrant was issued on Feb. 24 for Lois Comstock. Several felony charges were filed against Comstock and Hack, including charges of distribution of a controlled substance near a school and endangering the welfare of a child.

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