Richmond lends helping hand to Henrietta for sewer issues

The cash-strapped town of Henrietta has found some financial relief for a sewer system that is draining its money supply.
The Richmond City Council approved a contract last week that reduces the rate Henrietta pays to Richmond for sewer service. The contract is good for one year. Both cities can agree to an extention of one additional year, next year but further extentions are capped.
The rate will be reduced from $7.98 per 1,000 gallons to $4.50 per 1,000 gallons. Henrietta’s billing cycle and payment schedules will not change.
City Administrator Rick Childers told the council that this agreement will not only reduce revenue for the short term, but it will also reduce it in the long run. Part of the agreement stipulates that Henrietta spend the money saved on infiltration prevention. Henrietta’s main sewer issue is with stormwater infiltrating the sewer system. One heavy rain last October caused the city’s sewer production to jump by thousands of dollars for just one day. By August of last year, Henrietta’s sewer fund was depleted and the city’s savings had to be tapped into to cover the bills.
Childers said less flow from Henrietta will help an ailing South Waste Water Plant.
“We provide a good chunk of rain water. Henrietta provides their fair share,” Childers said. “It is absolutely a good project and one we need to move forward with.”
Henrietta City Clerk Margie Long told the council that she can give progress reports on a monthly basis.
The contract outlines a timeline with benchmarks for the city to reach. It calls for a written plan within 100 days and a contract in hand within 200 days. In no later than 350 days,www Henrietta must produce invoices for work.
Henrietta officials did not wait long to take action. Friday night a special meeting was called and an initial $3,500 was approved to begin raising manholes throughout the city.
The board also approved the purchase of a plate compactor for road repair work.
They also dicussed the purchase of a maintenance building.

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